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Unique Betting Market Analysis

From the only betting specialists inside the market

Our experienced match analysts carefully observe, monitor and report irregularities in betting activity. To shine a light on the difference between ‘smart-betting’ and sports manipulation.

Complex information, in a simple way

Betting market analysis is complicated. Our reports are easy to understand and accessible, so you can confidently use the information in disciplinary and criminal legal proceedings. 

We know exactly what to expect

Our real-time prediction modelling systems are tried, tested and world-renowned. We intricately compare the betting market alongside our own predictions and identify all discrepancies – big or small. Simply, we know how the market works, from the inside. 

Football analysis you can count on

Our football analysis focus is on the Asian betting markets, the largest and most liquid in the world. Your report will present an analysis in terms of implied Supremacy and Total/Expected Goals (xG) – it’s in-depth, direct and created to offer as evidence if needed.

Advanced multi-sports monitoring

In cricket, we concentrate on Betfair, the global benchmark for cricket betting. Our experts analyse the match win and runs markets for odds discrepancies, unusual liquidity and on-field action. We also monitor global tennis markets and other sports in a similar way. 

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