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Together, we can protect the integrity of sport. We help sports and enforcement agencies to identify, investigate and prosecute suspected match-fixing. So you can tackle corruption with confidence.

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Football Integrity Report 2023

A Comprehensive Analysis of Suspected Match-Fixing

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A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Your investigation caseload can be pressurising. We give you easy to understand, cost-effective (mostly free) and high-expertise reports. From the only analysts inside the betting market.

Unique views and insights

We are probability specialists. Objective analysis of sports data points is our unique expertise. And our combination of betting market and on-field performance analysis is unmatched. Simply, we see things others can’t.

Tangible investigative proof

Our reports give you peace of mind that you have concrete evidence in an investigation. Our reliable evidence is successfully used in court and disciplinary hearings. Every action is accounted for and our team are fully trained as expert witnesses, if needed.

A boutique and specialist approach

We want to share our knowledge, not profit from it. All basic reports are offered to our clients free of charge, distilling data into actionable insights. We also have the stamp of ISO 9001 certification, so everything we do is focused on the highest quality.

A secure, free tool for sports governing bodies, law enforcement agencies and public authorities

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Sport belongs to everyone. This hub gives you data-driven insights analysis on what’s happening in suspected match-fixing, right now.

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