Who We Work With

In essence, we work with anyone who is interested in the fight against sports manipulation. From governing bodies, including FIFA and the International Cricket Council, law enforcement agencies to national associations, we focus on making lives easier.

Starlizard Integrity Services are an important ally for the ICC in our fight against match-fixing in cricket worldwide. They provide us with valuable insights into betting markets, immediately alerting us to their suspicions. We know we can rely on the strength of their experience and expertise

International Cricket Council, Anti-Corruption Unit

We know match-fixers are taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to gain influence in more levels of sport and in more countries than ever before. Our new partnership with SIS demonstrates our commitment to kicking out the match-fixers and keeping football in Moldova clean.

Moldovan Football Federation

The partnership underlines the commitment of the Slovak Football Association to preserving the integrity of football in our country. We are delighted to be working with SIS. Their deep understanding of betting markets around the world will be invaluable in helping identify any suspicious betting behaviour and potential match-fixing concerning games being played in Slovakia.

Slovak Football Association

Starlizard Integrity Services have provided some of the most important data led evidence of shifting patterns in match fixing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on analysis of suspicious betting patterns, this builds on largely anecdotal evidence provided by FIFA, Interpol and UEFA