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Regional Analysis

Look at all suspicious matches, defined by region.

Suspicion Ratings

Very Low Suspicion
Low Suspicion
Medium Suspicion
High Suspicion
Very High Suspicion

For a full explanation of Suspicion Ratings click here

Please bear in mind that all regions – except international – relate to the confederation in which the club team plays its domestic football.

And the term ‘international’ relates to all international fixtures, as well as all cross-border club competitions (e.g. Europa League, Champions League), and all club team friendlies (regardless of country or club). 

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AFCAsian Football Confederation
CAFConfederation of African Football
CONCACAFConfederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football
CONMEBOLSouth American Football Confederation
InternationalMatches that do not fall within a country in any of the prescribed confederation regions, i.e. international fixtures, cross-border club competitions (e.g. Europa League, Champions League) and all club team friendlies
UEFAUnion of European Football Associations