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Competition Level Analysis

Look at all suspicious matches, defined by competition level.

Suspicion Ratings

Very Low Suspicion
Low Suspicion
Medium Suspicion
High Suspicion
Very High Suspicion

For a full explanation of Suspicion Ratings click here

This dashboard shows suspicious matches from top domestic levels to international friendlies. Click on graph sections to see updated information appear across all other graphs, for more granular detail. Simply hold down CTRL and click to highlight multiple data sets.

Dom TopTop domestic leagues
Dom 2 & BelowDomestic leagues other than the top league
Dom CupDomestic club cup competitions
Region CupInter-country club competitions (e.g. UEFA Europa League, AFC Champions League)
YouthUnder 23 age group matches and lower
WomenWomen’s matches
Club FriendlyFriendly matches between clubs from different countries
Int FriendlyFriendly matches between international teams
WC/EURO/COPAAny matches from the World Cup, European Championship and Copa America (including qualifying matches)
Int 2Any other international match