SIS launches KOMODO, a new tool in the fight against match-fixing

Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) today announced the launch of Komodo, an innovative online integrity alert system offered free of charge for use by sports governing bodies and enforcement agencies globally in the ongoing fight against match manipulation in sport.

Komodo flags suspicious matches to relevant organisations and also provides them with an analysis of both betting market activity and on-field performances where applicable. The detailed reports produced by Komodo are designed not only to assist with anti-match-fixing investigations, but also in certain cases to provide evidential value in legal proceedings – with SIS evidence already confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as an appropriate tool in the fight against match-fixing.

Starlizard has been providing sports governing bodies with information on suspicious matches free-of-charge since 2010, and through SIS since 2017. Komodo continues this commitment, expanding the complimentary SIS service to allow sports and law enforcement organisations secure access to more detailed analytical findings, expert assessments and intelligence on suspicious matches.

Komodo will initially cover football, with cricket and other sports following soon. Users will not only receive timely operational alerts whenever a game is allocated an integrity red flag, but will also benefit from an interactive platform that identifies and visualises trends and patterns within their respective sports and jurisdictions.

Steve Edery, CEO of Starlizard, said: “Starlizard is committed to supporting sports governing bodies and enforcement agencies around the globe in their efforts to combat match-fixing. Having provided integrity services to sports since 2010, we established Starlizard Integrity Services in 2017 as a dedicated division of the company, focusing entirely on integrity matters and working closely with sports integrity stakeholders to provide them with valuable insights and intelligence into market activity and behaviour. Komodo represents our latest contribution to this global collaboration against corruption in sport.”

Affy Sheikh, Head of Starlizard Integrity Services, said: “We believe the future success of anti-match fixing efforts depends on more and better information being made freely available to integrity officers and investigators by true experts in this field. Komodo is an innovative tool that does just that. It is the result of significant investment in time and development costs on the part of Starlizard, and we are delighted to be able to offer it free of charge to sports bodies and law enforcement around the world.”

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If you are from a sports governing body, a law enforcement organisation or a public authority with a remit for anti-corruption in sport and would like to register an interest in Komodo, please click here.


About Starlizard Integrity Services:

Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) is the specialist integrity division of Starlizard, the London-based sports betting consultancy. Starlizard’s detailed understanding of sport and sporting performance, as well as its active involvement in betting markets, affords a unique perspective, enabling the company to know better than anyone else in the world when betting markets and sporting contests look wrong.

Starlizard has been producing independent integrity services for sports governing bodies and associations since 2010, and established SIS in 2017 as a dedicated resource to focus entirely on this work. Combining its deep insight into how betting markets should behave with detailed on-pitch performance data analysis and research, SIS is ideally placed to identify suspicious matches and betting patterns.

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