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Betting Tier Analysis

Look at all suspicious matches, defined by betting tier.

Suspicion Ratings

Very Low Suspicion
Low Suspicion
Medium Suspicion
High Suspicion
Very High Suspicion

For a full explanation of Suspicion Ratings click here

Please note that ‘betting tiers’ relate to betting market levels, which sometimes, but not always, correlate to football tiers. 

Tier 1 represents high maximum stakes per bet, which would include elite level competitions such as the World Cup and the Champions League. Tier 8 matches are at the bottom end of this scale. 

Bear in mind that congested fixture programmes – such as Saturday afternoons in Europe – can have a significant effect on how competitions are tiered. So competitions can be tiered based on their prominence and the timings of the matches played. 

For example, competitions in Asia may have a higher-than-expected tier status due to fewer competitions in the betting market space at the times these matches are played.

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